Dear Rush Limbaugh:

We notice that you are now on your fourth marriage, the other three having failed for one reason or another. It seems safe to conclude that, whatever else one can say about you, your marriage vows are more like temporary promises that can be retracted at any minute, than life-long commitments. Thanks so much for being a poster boy for self-indulgent, narcissistic, self-absorbed, American culture.

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5 Responses to Dear Rush Limbaugh:

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fascinating… Do you honestly think Rush is a believer? Yet, you want him to act like one. Ah, but you might say that morals are inherent or that as some "leader" he should demonstrate a certain level of morality. Well, at the heart of it, Rush is an entertainer – he makes money because people listen to his radio show. He's not a leader and he's certainly not a believer. Stop applying labels/expectations as if he were both.

  2. Murf says:

    Um…did I miss something? Where do I make the claim that Rush is a believer? Where do I tell him to act like a believer? What I DO admonish him for is failing to live up to his marriage vows ("As long as we both shall live"). It does little good to hold values as a conservative, if, by your lifestyle, you are tearing down the very values that you claim to hold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rush is a fiscal/political conservative and a highly-selective social conservative. You're putting him on a pedestal he doesn't deserve. He's an entertainer – he's not a statesman, he's not a leader, he's really no different than any other entertainer. You haven't made the claim Rush is a believer – you have imposed your values on him. Is he abiding by the law of this country? Yes – since divorce is allowed. So he's not a law-breaker, he's breaking some moral standard you have. Again, don't ask people without Christ to act like they have Christ.

  4. Murf says:

    I'm not asking him to act like Christ. I'm asking him to honor the vows that he freely made. I'm asking him to be a man of his word. Anyone whose goal is to influence the policy of the United States is something more than an entertainer. To call yourself a conservative, and to claim to be a man of your word, and a man of honor, and so clearly FAIL in your private life, is to negate everything that you say in public. If we can't trust your vows in private, can we trust your promises in the public arena? Or is it all just a political game?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those were vows between Rush and his wife. Again, you are projecting your beliefs on him. He's not a Christian so the vows he made were quite simply between those two. And if those two decide to walk away from their marriage it is their choice.How does Rush generate an income? He does so with a radio program that is paid for with advertising dollars and media outlets paying for broadcast rights… hmmm… I think that is the definition of an entertainer. It so happens that he entertains by spewing "conservative" views. Conservative talk radio generates money – liberal talk radio doesn't. If the reverse were true then Rush would be a liberal. If you really listen to him – he is a political and fiscal conservative. Not a social conservative.Oh, and if sin means everything you say in public should be called into question – then I would suggest closing your blog.It is commentary like this that gives Rush and Sean and Glenn and all the other talk radio entertainers waaaaay more credit in the political arena than they deserve. When you view them (and their opinions and actions) as you would Johnny Carson or Jay Leno then you have an real grasp on how they are, what they do and their "influence" on this country.

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