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Gene Weingarten: I Hate Faceboooooooooooook!

This is a brilliant little essay on the banality of Facebook. He describes Facebook as: an ocean of banalities shared among persons with lives so empty they echo. The skewering escalates from there. Hilarious.

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The Peril of Being a Christian in Pakistan

This news report is almost too painful to read. One can only describe the events as barbaric beyond description, but that is the nature of evil. Arshed Masih did not deny God and was martyred. Pray for his wife and … Continue reading

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Fascinating New Advance In Cyber Warfare

The Christian Science Monitor explains how a new worm has been developed by someone (the U. S.? Israel? China?) which is directed at a specific industrial complex (not known) with instructions to take control of it and destroy it. Fascinating … Continue reading

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Gas Pipeline Explosion: Let the Media Hysteria Begin

Oops…the media already beat me to it.

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Paul Krugman (Even More) Unhinged

The beauty of being a Keynesian is that one can never be proven wrong. Paul Krugman explains why the real problem with the economy is that the government is not spending enough and should spend, spend, spend because only the … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking: God? We Don’t Need No God.

Stephen Hawking explains why and how the universe came to be without God. Well, actually what he does is state all of the fine tuning required to produce our universe and then strings together conjecture and “coincidence” and call them … Continue reading

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Overwhelmingly White Press criticizes Rally for being Overwhelmingly White

Nathan Burchfiel helpfully points out the main stream media’s lack of self awareness. Funny how the press is so willing to recognize in other organizations what is so glaringly obvious in itself. Does anyone else find it a little ironic … Continue reading

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