The Peril of Being a Christian in Pakistan

This news report is almost too painful to read. One can only describe the events as barbaric beyond description, but that is the nature of evil. Arshed Masih did not deny God and was martyred. Pray for his wife and children.

Yesterday, I heard a sermon by David Platt (Brook Hills Church, Alabama). He pointed out, in the course of discussing God and pain that it is our fellow believers who are undergoing the most severe and difficult trials that are the least worried about the problem of God and suffering. He said that, while in Sudan, the Christians who have seen many people raped and murdered would repeat again and again with big smiles on their faces, but God is greater. But God is greater!
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2 Responses to The Peril of Being a Christian in Pakistan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading this and hearing another story about persecution should cause us 1) drop to our knees 2) open up our fat checkbooks (or reduce our fat lifestyles so we CAN open our checkbooks) and 3) do something tangible.And yet how many Christians in the freest and wealthiest country in the world send monetary support, pray for, visit and physically (yup – PHYSICALLY) stand up for their oppressed brothers and sisters in the Lord? I think the saddest part of this story is that most American believers do so little with so much – they have little idea of what faith is and how much God loves them.We have ceded control to our State Department (more interested in appeasement than relieving oppression) and to the very rich (it's Bill Gates job to care for the poor and solve the world's problems).

  2. Murf says:

    Concur. I'm an avid supporter of Voice of the Martyrs because they can and will minister to the families of martyrs like this.

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