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A Slight Chill from North Korea?

North Korea allowed a reunion of families that were split by the Korean War recently. Is this a slight thawing of relations between the two Koreas? I began to pray earnestly for North Korea after reading this report of a … Continue reading

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The Face of a Failed Abortion

I haven’t heard this young lady speak, but I would certainly love to do so. One of the few survivors of a saline abortion, she is thriving now and her own daughter was born in the hospital in which they … Continue reading

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Global (Non) Warming, or, Why You Should Know History

An excellent summary of the past 100 years of global warming, then cooling, then warming again, and now apparently cooling again. How about a history lesson or two, main stream media, and global warming theorists.

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A Testimony from North Korea

Well, a report of a testimony anyway, wrapped brilliantly into the biblical example of Ruth. Powerful. Pray for North Korea

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QE2: Disaster in the Making

This article in the Asia Times does a good job of explaining why QE2 won’t work and the great damage that the Bernanke led Fed is doing to savers, while rewarding speculators, who got us into this mess in the … Continue reading

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Fed: Fire Up the Printers, Baby!

QE 2 is coming! That would be Quantitative Easing to you peasants out there (who will bear the brunt of the Fed’s missteps. Eat Cake! Peasants). Having tried QE 1 (and succeeded for a short time), the Fed is going … Continue reading

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A Global Warming Wedgie

I believe that this Physics professor emeritus sums it up pretty well when he says: Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life.’

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