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Just Blooming Funny!

Wow, people do some of the stupidest things!

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Fiat Money Inflation Part 3

We continue to blog through the little book “Fiat Money Inflation in France.” As the French assembly debated whether or not to go ahead with the equivalent of QE2, or printing more paper money, there were a few voices who … Continue reading

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Fiat Money Inflation Part 2

In which I continue my blogway through the excellent little book “Fiat Money Inflation in France,” a study of how France already traveled the pathway down which the U. S. is traveling. We pick up the discussion at page 7. … Continue reading

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A fine little illustration on gratitude from the life of H. A. Ironside that I used in preaching last Sunday night. Do we give ourselves our own talents? Our position in life? Do we put ourselves in the culture we … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Film of Food Stamps in America

Wow. Fascinating video. Doesn’t look too good. Basically charting how more and more of the population is on government support. At least in California they’ve finally figured out that paying for cruises and trips to the casino with money that … Continue reading

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A Heart-Breaking Story

Such a sad, but ultimately hope-filled story. Be careful with head injuries…

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DeMint: We Will Ban Earmarks

Why do I have a feeling earmarks are not going to be banned any time soon.

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San Francisco Fiddles…

…while California burns. It’s good to see that San Francisco is tackling a major, tough, vital issue while California implodes. No more happy meals for YOU, kiddies!

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Fiat Money Inflation in France – Post 1

I believe that I will blog my way through the short book “Fiat Money Inflation in France” to demonstrate how well QE 2,3,4, won’t work. The book is a discussion of how France attempted to fix a problem which sounds … Continue reading

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Bernanke: "Gentlemen, Fire up those Printing Presses"

As expected QE2 is good to go and ready to launch. The Fed will print 600 billion worth of worthless dollars to buy government bonds to drive down the value of the dollar because this will SAVE THE ECONOMY! Yay! … Continue reading

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