Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God

To show my wife that I was really interested in working at marriage—yeah, after 27 years…I’m a Marine, we are slow learners—I vowed that I would blog my way through C. J. Mahaney’s book, “Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God.”

As a side note, I once met C. J. Mahaney on an elevator. He didn’t know who I was, of course I knew who he was. He was funny and friendly. Seems like a good, genuine guy, fun to hang out with. But I digress…

So I promised her I would read the book and downloaded it immediately from Kindle. Yes, in less than 60 seconds. The first chapter looks promising: “Great Sex to the Glory of God.” Hmm…this might be a good book after all. I settle in to read…

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