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"I’m Going to School with Doogie Howser!"

One classmate’s response at attending university classes with a twelve year-old genius. That is what one would call a kid who learned calculus, algebra, trigonometry, and geometry in a week! He has a mild form of autism and apparently can’t … Continue reading

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Laura Story – Blessings

Wow. Speechless.

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QE 3 Coming to a Country (The US) Near You

While QE 2 is winding down, what do you want to bet that QE 3 is on the way? One good excuse we find in the paper today. QE 1 did not work, as I wrote here (if it did, … Continue reading

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How Germany Postponed Global Warming…for Seven Hours

This article is actually about the irresponsible (and one might argue immoral) use of food to power vehicles (attention ethanol lobby). What struck me is how often policies have unintended consequences, often times negative unintended consequences. The author points out … Continue reading

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Zune Bites the Dust

Yet another Microsoft product with a stupid name bites the dust. Microsoft will no longer produce the (non)selling, unfortunately named Zune. They have decided to focus on the much more succinctly and brilliantly named “Windows Phone Seven.” Note to Microsoft: … Continue reading

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An Interesting Interview of Rob Bell

Justin Taylor links to a video interview of Rob Bell on MSNBC and boy does Martin Bashir make him squirm. I’m willing to bet that none of Bell’s other MSM interviews went like this. Turns out that Mr. Bashir is … Continue reading

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Sex, Romance, God’s Glory II

“Your children should be able to look at your life and have the great privilege of knowing that they are the most important people in the world to you…right after their mother.” Now we are getting somewhere, and yes, I … Continue reading

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