Sex, Romance, God’s Glory II

“Your children should be able to look at your life and have the great privilege of knowing that they are the most important people in the world to you…right after their mother.”

Now we are getting somewhere, and yes, I am enjoying the book. C. J. nails it here. I’ve always believed that the best thing you can do for your child is to love their mother. The above quote is Mr. Mahaney’s way of saying that.

How do I love their mother effectively? C. J. is glad you asked. You love them by studying them so that you know them intimately. What they like; what they don’t like; what they fear; what they love, etc. You get the point. It is exactly here that most men fail. Why do they fail? Well, let me put it in C. J.’s words: “It should be no mystery why, gentlemen [we fail]. We have a tendency to be lazy and selfish.”

Ouch! That hurt. Probably hurt because it is so correct. Guilty as charged Mr. Mahaney.

Where do we go from here? C. J. doesn’t leave us hanging but that is for next time.

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