So Much for the Sugar High

The Case-Shiller index of housing prices has turned down again, contrary to the expectations of Ben “Let’s Try Throwing 2.7 Trillion at Housing” Bernanke. This would be a double-dip in housing prices, which obviously does not bode too well for the economy. As the author points out, if you take out the Fed’s 2.7 trillion “sugar boost,” housing has been dropping for 3 years straight. All Mr. Bernanke did was delay the inevitable bottom while adding 2.7 trillion to future liabilities for we the tax payer (thanks so much Chairman Ben).

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One Response to So Much for the Sugar High

  1. Hannah says:

    We have friends here in Florida who bought their house in 2005 for $240,000, and were pleased with the good deal they got. Today it is worth $105,000. If that takes into account the sugar high, I am terified to see what will happen when the numbers begin to get honest.

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