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The Eye – Soli Deo Gloria

Wow! Just wow. Cosmos magazine has a fascinating article on the discovery of highly developed eyes in ancient fossils. Evolution posits that the eye evolved over millions of years, so the discovery of highly developed eyes dating back 500 million … Continue reading

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Thomas Sowell is Brilliant; Editor of Time Magazine? Not so Much

Mr. Sowell weighs in on the current debate concerning whether or not the Constitution is still relevant. Just the fact that someone (Time magazine editor, big surprise there) is asking that question demonstrates a toxic blend of fundamental nonunderstanding (yeah, … Continue reading

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Corn Con

Why turning food into gasoline (supported by government subsidies) is a stupid (and probably immoral) idea, and how spineless, pandering politicians support it. John McCain stands out as particularly impressive: “John McCain and John Kerry were against ethanol subsidies, then … Continue reading

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Driscoll welcomes Westboro Baptist (sort of)

You’ve got to hand it to Mark Driscoll, at times the guy is brilliant. Westboro Baptist the “church” that goes around making itself obnoxious is going to picket Mars Hill in Seattle. Driscoll’s response? “You guys want some doughnuts?” Driscoll:“They … Continue reading

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The Triple Agent

A sad story of the guy who murdered 7 CIA agents in Afghanistan by killing himself. As one might suspect, the CIA had multiple failures leading up to this, most of which were caused by their hurry to (possibly) get … Continue reading

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Deer Dropped on Power line…By Eagle

Those eagles are pretty tough folks. This one dropped a deer onto a power line!

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