DALMAC Day 4: A Nice Day!

Sure, I was up at 3am due to the incessant rain on my tent, but I did manage to get my devotions done before we left at 7am.

Leaving Boyne City we had a nasty long climb to warm us up, then we wound our way up to Petoskey and into Harbor Springs. We rode through the tunnel of trees and stopped for lunch in Good Hart. We were making excellent time, doing 46 miles by 10.30 with only about 25 to go.

The only small glitch in the day was that we had a choice of routes on the Tunnel of Trees. I chose the upper route because it had a fun downhill with just a couple of small climbs to get there. Or so I thought. Did you know that hills seem much easier when you drive them in a car?

Up one hill and then up another; then another; and still another before reaching the mother of all climbs. By this time I had to stay ahead of Cherie and Sue because they wanted to kill me. The other route turned out to be shorter with only one hill. Who knew?

We rolled into Mackinaw City just before 1pm. DALMAC complete. 70 miles on the day.

For the complete ride we did about 330ish miles, 4 flat tires, one drenching in a thunderstorm, rain, heat, wind, and a great feeling of accomplishment. I love DALMAC.

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