Two Good Buddies

We had one cat, Myst, that my wife hated.  Indeed, she was complaining to me that she would NEVER have another cat and that she HATED cats!  Two weeks later she returns from a bike ride to Owosso with…you guessed it, a cat!

But I thought you said you hated cats!  That was like, what, two weeks ago?

She stares at me like a kid whose hand is firmly stuck in a cookie jar.  “Well, it was so little and it looked like it needed a home…”  And so Ninja came to live at our house.

He’s actually a pretty good cat, for a cat.  He’s not as finicky as Myst and a lot more friendly.  Indeed, he has become Copper’s buddy, buddy friend.  They wrestle together all the time and when they’re done wrestling? Well…see for yourself.

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