A Lesson from the Life of Haydn

I’m listening through Robert Greenberg’s excellent Teaching Company course on the life and music of Franz Josef Haydn.  Haydn was a faithful follower of Christ and Mr. Greenberg had a great quote from his life.  Haydn once said, “God has given me a cheerful heart, he will forgive me for serving him cheerfully.”

I love that quote.  We ought to serve God with the abilities and character that he has given us, and not according to man’s preconceptions of how we should serve God.  Are you naturally cheerful?  Good.  This is God’s grace to you, serve him cheerfully.  Are you naturally melancholy?  Also good.  Melancholic people are often the one’s who go deepest with God, who think about the riches of his character the most.  God will forgive you for serving with melancholy as long as your melancholy steers you (and others) towards him.  An example?  See the life of David Brainerd.

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