A Happy Journey

Cherie and I spent the last week slowly traveling down to Atlanta for training. We left on Monday and drove down to my brother’s apartment in Virginia and spent Tuesday hitting 5 museums in Washington, DC. Wednesday morning we were off to Chesapeake, VA, to see my brother, Buck and his family. Friday morning we drove down to Fayetteville, NC, to spend a couple of days with our son, Matt. It was a happy journey. Of the approximately 24 hours driving time, Cherie drove 22 and I drove 2. I hate to drive, it is boring and restricting; Cherie loves to drive. When we travel by car I get what I want—I can look around, read, count hawks (38 the first day) and generally not pay attention—and Cherie gets what she (sort of) wants—driving privileges. It is a happy union. Which gets me around to thinking about marriages. It is possible to have a good marriage and not share interests; my contention is that it is just harder; it takes more work and causes more conflict. When one shares interests with one’s spouse, or one’s interests mesh with one’s spouse’s (like driving for us); it makes for an easier go at marriage. In general there is less conflict. Which is all to say that God was good in giving me Cherie.

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2 Responses to A Happy Journey

  1. Boscof16 says:

    Yes, and blessedly Krystal loves to cook because I don't! God is indeed good, and I'm so thankful He works these things out.

  2. Murf says:

    Agreed! Although, what are you doing on weekdays this year? Lots of visits to McDonalds?

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