Hope and I Buried Together

“”If family reunion means going six feet under, and the only family that shows up is worms, Do you call that hope? Who on earth could find any hope in that? No. If hope and I are to be buried together, I suppose you’ll all come to the double funeral!”” (Job 17:14–16, The Message)

Eugene Petersen captures the lament of Job so well in this passage.  Job has no explanation from God on why calamity has suddenly arrived.  His children have all been killed.  His possessions gone.  His body suffering.  His only expectation is an eventual (soon!) meeting with worms in the ground.  Truly, in Job’s mind hope and he are to be buried together.

So poignant.  So human.

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2 Responses to Hope and I Buried Together

  1. Boscof16 says:

    I heard one pastor commenting on Job that after all the tragedy, he received back a double portion of all this material possessions from the Lord (Job 42:10), yet only the same amount of children as before, seven sons and three daughters (Job 42:13 & 1:2). His point was Job did in fact receive twice the offspring, as his original children were still alive in eternity. Now…that is hope!

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