The Anti-Bullier Becomes the Bully

Dan Savage rolled into a National Journalism Conference for high school students to talk about bullying and the dangers implicit therein.  Dan is the founder of “It Gets Better,” an organization to reach out to gay teens who are bullied.  So what did Dan talk about?  He made a pointed attack on Christian beliefs, telling the audience to ignore all the (expletive deleted) in the Bible.  When a bunch of students walked out he called them “pansy asses.”  And so the anti-bullier becomes the bully.

Oh, the irony, which apparently was lost on Mr. Savage.  If it is his tribe that is being bullied, then bullying isn’t okay; but when Mr. Savage doesn’t agree with a position, then one can say or do whatever one wants, including bullying them. 

Notice the tepid response of the conference organizers.  One wonders what their response would have been had the roles been reversed and a Christian speaker had made a “journalism” speech about the dangers of living a homosexual lifestyle. 

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2 Responses to The Anti-Bullier Becomes the Bully

  1. Boscof16 says:

    Wow…the first 10 seconds of this thing, before the camera zooms in, looks odlly Orwelliann, reminds me of Apple's famous 1984 commercial: on the students who walked out on this vitriol diatribe, must have taken some courage at least for the first few. Sad to see the flawed theological understanding of the speaker, I pray someone loves him to the truth.

  2. Murf says:

    It is sad. Alison sent me an interesting article where he describes his Catholic background, and despite having rejected it, he still has this weird (one might say God-created) need for the transcendent.

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