It seems like every DALMAC, something epic happens to one of our bikes. First year on day 2 I cracked the hub on my rear wheel and ended up riding 50 miles with a broken spoke—had to replace the wheel.

One year my saddle broke!?! on day 3 and I ended up riding 20 miles mostly standing up.

Last year Cherie got 5 flat tires before we finally found the tiny piece of chip seal causing them.

This year was no different. At mile 30 or so my right gear shifter suddenly went slack. Uh oh…never felt that before. I was suddenly stuck in my hardest rear gear. Nothing to do for it but keep riding to our lunch stop and hope a mechanic truck was around. I was in my middle front chain ring and small rear cog turning this massive gear like I was Jan Ulrich. I ended up having to climb this 6 mile never ending hill like that. Fortunately a bike mechanic rolled into Lake George shortly after we arrived and he changed out my rear cable while we ate lunch. Total cost $20. Thank you, Mr. Mechanic. I owe you, sir.

With all of my gears back we headed north out of Lake George. Sue, Cherie, Mike, Kathryn, and I stopped for a delicious dip in the cool Muskegon River. Definitely a highlight.

We stopped at the snack stop enthusiastically maintained by the Marion cross country team and donated gladly to the cause. Great job, Marion cross country, you guys did a rocking awesome job.

Rolled into our day two overnight in McBain, MI after 74 miles. A good, fun day.

Cherie was pretty sick the whole day but trucked along and finished. She is one tough woman.

A sad note. A seventy year old woman Dalmacer was struck by a car riding through Marion. The car bumper hit her pedal and threw her onto the windshield. She was severely injured and had to be flown to the hospital. Not what we like to have happen. We hope and pray that she fully recovers.

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