Christ and John: Word and Voice

A. W. Pink in his excellent commentary on the Gospel of John (which you can buy for .99 for the Kindle! [Seriously.  Go buy it now!]) points out how Christ as the Word and John as the Voice seamlessly express the message and magnificence of Christ in four ways:

  1. “The word exists (in the mind) before the voice articulates it.” – Christ existed from eternity past, before John the Baptizer arrived to prepare the way for Christ.
  2. “The voice is simply the vehicle or medium by which the word is expressed or made known.” – John the Baptizer wasn’t preaching about himself or proclaiming his glories, he was preparing the way for the Son of all glory.
  3. “The voice is simply heard and not seen.”  – “He must increase,” said John, “and I must decrease.”
  4. “The word endures after the voice is silent.” – John was executed by Herod.  His voice is silent now.  He accomplished his mission.  Christ as the Eternal Word endures forever. He is, he was, he is to come.
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