Jesus: No Wholesale Food Provider

I always find G. Campbell Morgan helps me see the broad themes of the gospels better than anyone else.  He has a knack for putting more in a sentence or two than other commentators put into a full page.  He points out the significance of the two signs of Jesus feeding the 5,000ish and then walking on water:

“What do we find in these two signs?  False and true ideas of Messiahship brought into sharp contrast.  The false idea was that of a Kingship on a bread basis, a material basis.  That was their [disciples] conception of Messiahship, and of the Kingdom of God, of which He had been teaching them.  It was that conception that put Him on His Cross.  It was that conception that blasted the Hebrew people; and it seems to me, is still holding some people in thrall to-day.  Bread, and all material things, are within His Kingdom.  But He will not begin there.  He will not be made King on the basis of being a wholesale food provider.  True Kingship must rest on a spiritual basis.  Because his disciples understood not the loaves, in great tenderness He gave them the sign of His Kingly authority and power in the natural and the material realm.”


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