What Jesus said about Himself

In the long passage concerning Jesus and the Feast of Booths, the Jews [i.e. opponents of Jesus] say things about Jesus, the people say things about Jesus, and Jesus says a lot about himself.  What he says is fascinating.

  • You know me, you know where I came from [in a geographical sense]
  • I have not come of my own accord — He is speaking in a metaphysical sense here.  Notice how clear he is on this.  He came at someone else’s behest, if we may put it that way.
  • He who sent me is true — The word that Jesus uses is ἀληθινὸς, which means “to be in accord with what is true.”  It was this attribute of God that the writers of the Nicene Creed had in mind when they wrote that Jesus was “very God of very God.”
  • You [people who are listening to me] do not know him — Ouch!  These were the Jews, God’s own people, yet they did not know God.  A stinging indictment
  • I know him — In contrast to you who do not know him.  Jesus had little time for niceties when it came to proclaiming truth.  [Which for some reason reminds me of Sid the Sloth’s line to the hippos in the movie Ice Age:  “Did you know hippos had small brains?  It’s just a fact.”  But I digress]
  • I come from him — From whom?  Quite obviously from the context, Jesus is referring to God the Father.  Is this statement audacious or what?  “I come from God.”  Wow!
  • He [God] sent me — Again.  Wow!

These statements from Christ are not careful.  They are not calculated.  They are not smooth and soft words to ease his listeners into the truth of what he was saying.  He just speaks the truth because it is what it is.

I like that.

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