John 8.37-47: Theme and Structure

Theme: In the realm of the spirit, your father is not who you say he is, your father is whom you resemble.


  • You resemble your father, the Devil

*You DO what you have heard from your father
*You are doing what your father does [trying to murder me!]
*You want to carry out your father’s desires
*He was
>a murderer from the beginning
>Has not stood in truth
>No truth in him
>He is a liar
>He is the father of lies

  • If God were your father

*You would love me
*You would understand what I am saying
*You would listen to my word
*You would believe me
*You would listen to God’s words

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2 Responses to John 8.37-47: Theme and Structure

  1. boscof16 says:

    Great way to put it about who you resemble being your papa. I think a lot about how the Jewish leaders then seemed to truly believe they were of God. How do we know for certain we are not likewise deceiving ourselves? Who we resemble seems a good place to start.

  2. murfmonkey says:

    Good point. It should certainly—as Millard Erickson once pointed out—make us hold our theological positions with some humility. We assume that we cannot be wrong, but of course, we can! Obviously we want to resemble Jesus because: a. he earned it by message/signs/death/resurrection, and b. the sheer attractiveness of his character and willingness to interact with all comers. I think in some ways we “get” it, and in other ways we “miss” it. We’re like Peter, “give me a sword so I can fix this situation!”

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