A Man Blind from Birth

“As He was passing by, He saw a man blind from birth.” (John 9:1 HCSB)

We are on to the next section of the gospel of John.  Henry Alford summarizes the chapter pretty well: “Manifestation of Jesus as the Light by a miracle. Judgment of the Jews by the healed man, and by Jesus.”

In the past two chapters, as we have seen, there is an epic argument that rages between Jesus and those who oppose him.  The argument comes to a head at the end of John 8, when Jesus says, “Before Abraham was, I am!”  His opponents had no question at all what he meant by that because they picked up stones to kill him.  When he made the statement, as he had done for the last two chapters, Jesus was saying that he was God.

The Jewish opponents of Jesus did not believe him when he claimed to be the Messiah, God-in-the-flesh.  Would they believe when he performed works that only God could do?  This question is answered in John 9 and makes it easy to understand why John put this incident in this particular place.

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