Hated with Perfect Hatred

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” (John 15:18, ESV)

The words  which are in bold above, are in the perfect tense in Greek.  This is a tense that referred to something that was true in the past, is still true now, and will be true into the indefinite future.  Jesus tells his disciples that the world will hate them [the “if” is assumed to be true], because it has already hated him and still does hate him and will continue to hate him.  Ouch!

Don Carson comments: “The world is a society of rebels, and therefore finds it hard to tolerate those who are in joyful allegiance to the king to whom all loyalty is due.”

It is funny but oh so true that our present world is all about tolerance, except with those whom they perceive as intolerant, then they are quite intolerant of our intolerance.  In other words, good tolerance extends only to things that they tolerate, if you get my drift.

When we—the church—condemn the widespread practice of abortion on demand because we believe that since God created every human [see Psalm 139] then they are all worthy of life and protection, even extending to the weakest of the weak; or when we call homosexuals to live in purity rather than pursue homosexual relationships; or when we stand for the poor and oppressed of society over against the increasingly militaristic and oppressive police state in which we are now living, we are variously condemned by those who are intolerant of our intolerance.  We are not bothered by the condemnation of the world, because our joyful allegiance is to Jesus, who is our king, our loyalty is to him and him alone.

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2 Responses to Hated with Perfect Hatred

  1. boscof16 says:

    All the great writers of antiquity belonged to the aristocracy of masters, or at least they saw that aristocracy established and uncontested before their eyes. Their mind, after it had expanded itself in several directions, was barred from further progress in this one; and the advent of Jesus Christ upon earth was required to teach that all the members of the human race are by nature equal and alike.

    From Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America”

  2. murfmonkey says:

    Tocqueville should be required reading for all Americans. Amazing how contemporary he still reads after almost 200 years.

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