Arrest and Trial: Jesus’ Movements

Jesus' Movements the Week of His Crucifixion

Jesus’ Movements the Week of His Crucifixion

Here is an excellent example of the power of graphics as we study through the book of John.  We have reached John 18 which is the beginning of the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus.  The gospel writers read like a—as John Stott put it—jigsaw puzzle.  We have to get all the pieces and connect them together to get the complete story.

In light of this it is helpful to be able to summarize the events that Jesus went through on Thursday and Friday as he approached his crucifixion.

This particular graphic is taken from the Holman Bible Atlas [captured with Logos Bible Software].  Being a former Marine, I am a simple man and like to keep things summarized and easy so I know where I am going.  Here are the steps from Thursday evening to Jesus’ crucifixion the next day:

  1. Jesus shares the Passover meal with his disciples.
  2. Jesus retires to Gethsemane with his disciples.
  3. Jesus is arrested in Gethsemane.  The disciples all flee.
  4. Jesus is taken to the house of Caiaphas for a preliminary hearing.

    Friday Morning

  5. Jesus before the Sanhedrin
  6. Jesus before Pilate
  7. Jesus before Herod Antipas
  8. Jesus again before Pilate
  9. Jesus is crucified
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