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The Triple Agent

A sad story of the guy who murdered 7 CIA agents in Afghanistan by killing himself. As one might suspect, the CIA had multiple failures leading up to this, most of which were caused by their hurry to (possibly) get … Continue reading

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The Afghanistan Quagmire

My main concern about getting into Afghanistan was the historical realization that it has been the graveyard of empires dating back to before Alexander the Great. I sure wish George Bush would have understood this, perhaps we wouldn’t be there … Continue reading

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Two Fascinating Reads

When Niall Ferguson talks, you had better listen. In this column he points out that empires sometimes evaporate overnight, often due to financial crises. Sound familiar? He also makes this important point, and one that has worried me ever since … Continue reading

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Bad Day in Afghanistan

14 troops killed yesterday. One helicopter was shot down in a raid, and two more had a mid-air collision. Not a good day.

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Kidnapped in Afghanistan: One Reporter’s Story

An interesting (long) story about a NYT reporter held hostage in AfghaniPakistan for 7 months. He seems a little naive, but 7 months in captivity cured that.

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Jimmy Carter II?

The White House is dithering while Afghanistan burns. Will General McChrystal resign if he doesn’t get the troops that he needs for the country? I hope so. We shall see.

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The Politics of Afghanistan

A fascinating analysis of the politics surrounding Afghanistan. The Administration is making it quite clear that they do NOT want a request for more troops from Gen. McChrystal. It’s quite apparent that more troops is the very thing that is … Continue reading

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