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Zero Hedge on Cowboy Capitalism

This is a fascinating letter that the excellent financial blog Zero Hedge, has posted from a guy who works at Deutsche Bank. I found his comments on the firms interaction with AIG the most fascinating: As these losses have grown, … Continue reading

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AIG: Thanks for the Bailout…Now for Our Bonuses

I have GOT to get a job in the financial industry. Where else can you be so incompetent that you threaten to bring the economy down, then get bailed out by the government, and then award yourselves millions of dollars … Continue reading

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30 Billion AIG Bailout of the Week

AIG is up to $180 billion from the government and counting (perhaps $100 billion more to go). Joe Nocera has the best summary of what AIG (abetted by lax regulation from the SEC) was up to. Short answer: Gaming the … Continue reading

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AIG Gains Deck Chair on Titanic!

Wow, I have to say I am so shocked, shocked! that the truth is coming out about AIG (hint: that $150 billion investment, most likely a total loss for taxpayers).  I really believed the Feds when they said it was … Continue reading

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AIG Vaporizes (Even More) Money

Reading between the lines this news report, I’m assuming that AIG has blown through $150 billion dollars and is out of airspeed, out of ideas. What to do? Head to the Fed for more cash.

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AIG Vaporizing (Even More) Money

Wow! I must say, I am shocked! Shocked! that the government is handing AIG even more money (up to 150 billion now…and there will be more). What is delicious about this article in Bloomberg is the way it is spun, … Continue reading

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AIG Vaporizes More Money

Wow! Even I didn’t have an imagination for the amount of cash that AIG is vaporizing. It has gone back to the government for another 21 billion bringing it’s “loan” (which will never be repayed, I suspect) to a total … Continue reading

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