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Prediction: California is the Next Bailout

Sure the Obama administration claims that it isn’t going to bailout California. I beg to differ. The cuts required to balance California’s budget are draconian enough to set off unrest among the populace. California’s economy is the 8th biggest in … Continue reading

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Who Loses Most in the TARP Bailout? Taxpayers

Glad to see that the government feels fine turning a 1.2 trillion! bailout into a huge and growing loss for taxpayers while banks and private investors make boatloads of money. What cannot be disputed, however, is the financial bailout’s biggest … Continue reading

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Latest Bailout: Insurers

Your investments stink and you lose a lot of money. If you are the average individual, you are out of luck. If you are an insurer, the government makes it good for you. No moral hazard there.

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How the Fed Bypasses Congress

Interesting short article from Bloomberg explaining exactly how the Fed is doing an end run around democracy. This will not end well.

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Congress: We Will Have Strong Oversight of Bailout Money

Rats! We forgot to ask what they meant by “strong oversight!” Pretty much means following the money on Google. Hilarious and sad all at the same moment. If it weren’t Congress, I wouldn’t believe it. On February 14, with the … Continue reading

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Gaming the Government Bailout

This is a fascinating, must read article. Do you think the banks are going to do what is best for the country or what is best for themselves? Yeah, me too. This article discusses how they can do so.

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Latest Trillion Dollar Plan-of-the-Week

This would be hilarious if it weren’t sending us all down the road to serfdom.  The latest “bank bailout plan” is Monday’s “Trillion Dollar Plan of the Week to Save the Economy.”  No doubt sufficient bonuses are included so that … Continue reading

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Today’s bailout is of the auto parts industry. $5 billion. I’m wondering if that is for bonuses or what? They are “critical” to the auto industry, which is “critical” to the nation, or so the theory goes. I’m just wondering … Continue reading

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AIG: Thanks for the Bailout…Now for Our Bonuses

I have GOT to get a job in the financial industry. Where else can you be so incompetent that you threaten to bring the economy down, then get bailed out by the government, and then award yourselves millions of dollars … Continue reading

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30 Billion AIG Bailout of the Week

AIG is up to $180 billion from the government and counting (perhaps $100 billion more to go). Joe Nocera has the best summary of what AIG (abetted by lax regulation from the SEC) was up to. Short answer: Gaming the … Continue reading

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