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So Much for the Sugar High

The Case-Shiller index of housing prices has turned down again, contrary to the expectations of Ben “Let’s Try Throwing 2.7 Trillion at Housing” Bernanke. This would be a double-dip in housing prices, which obviously does not bode too well for … Continue reading

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Iraq to US – You Owe Us 1 Billion Dollars

One billion dollars seems to be the damage done to Baghdad by the U. S. invasion. Of course we are going to have the last laugh. Ben Bernanke and his cohort at The Fed, will print one billion more worthless … Continue reading

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More Nitwittery from the Fed

I’m not sure why I keep posting these criticisms of the Fed because they all seem to read the same way and it’s a bit like pounding my head against concrete. I may think it is necessary, but it’s not … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart and Ben Bernanke and QE2

Wow! Jon Stewart catches Ben Bernanke in an outright lie. Got to love The Daily Show.

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Bernanke: "Gentlemen, Fire up those Printing Presses"

As expected QE2 is good to go and ready to launch. The Fed will print 600 billion worth of worthless dollars to buy government bonds to drive down the value of the dollar because this will SAVE THE ECONOMY! Yay! … Continue reading

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QE2: Disaster in the Making

This article in the Asia Times does a good job of explaining why QE2 won’t work and the great damage that the Bernanke led Fed is doing to savers, while rewarding speculators, who got us into this mess in the … Continue reading

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Fed: Fire Up the Printers, Baby!

QE 2 is coming! That would be Quantitative Easing to you peasants out there (who will bear the brunt of the Fed’s missteps. Eat Cake! Peasants). Having tried QE 1 (and succeeded for a short time), the Fed is going … Continue reading

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2.4 Trillion worth of Quantitive Easing Didn’t Work? What Next?

How about 5 trillion! If at first you don’t succeed, keep printing money because that is the obvious answer to Mr. Bernanke, nitwit Fed Chief.

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Bernanke Nomination Put on Hold…for Now Anyway

Nice to see that someone is trying to put the brakes on the nomination of Ben Bernanke to a second term as Fed Governor. A little transparency, please, Mr. Bernanke, then we will see if you deserve a second term.

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Dear Chairman Bernanke

From the Wall Street Journal, tongue-in-cheek letter from the Chinese. Funny, but sadly too true.

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