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California (Still) in the Hurt Locker

Four months after passing their “fix” for California’s budget, it appears that the fiscal deficit for next year will be a paltry 20 billion or so (too bad California isn’t the Federal government, they could just print this money and … Continue reading

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The Fed Can Put Lipstick on this Pig (of an economy), the States cannot.

While the Fed is monetizing as fast and as much as possible, the States are not able to do so. Zero Hedge has an excellent report on the implosion in States finances. The federal government can push fiscal calamity down … Continue reading

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California Gets a (Short) Respite

This article is a good summary of all that has gone wrong in my native state. It’s rapidly turning into a third world country with all the attendant crime, trash, lousy infrastructure and entrenched politicians. Some bullet points: ~Teacher pay … Continue reading

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Cali Tries (and Fails) to Get Its Act Together

Nice to see that some things never change, the sun keeps rising, the Federal government keeps wasting money, and California still can’t manage to close it’s minor 42 billion budget gap (except by doing an end run around their own … Continue reading

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California Deeper Into the Hurt Locker

My prediction is that when all is said and done, the Governator will join up with the Democrats and pass a bevy of new taxes, fees, et al., to make up for the minor 42 billion dollar shortfall they are … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Empty Promise

Does anyone believe this? Has John McCain been smoking ganja weed? Only a politician could promise to balance the budget as we blow billions and billions on bailouts and wars. Apparently he has been smoking ganja weed because he refers … Continue reading

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The Politicians Dither…

…while California burns. Good luck with closing that 17.2 billion dollar budget gap. On the other hand, maybe the politicos were on an L.A. freeway trying to collect enough money to balance the budget…

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