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Time Lapse Film of Food Stamps in America

Wow. Fascinating video. Doesn’t look too good. Basically charting how more and more of the population is on government support. At least in California they’ve finally figured out that paying for cruises and trips to the casino with money that … Continue reading

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California (Still) in the Hurt Locker

Four months after passing their “fix” for California’s budget, it appears that the fiscal deficit for next year will be a paltry 20 billion or so (too bad California isn’t the Federal government, they could just print this money and … Continue reading

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California: Failed State?

My native state is in a hurt locker and the Guardian (U.K.) wonders if she’ll ever escape. I wonder myself. If the economy turns around, she’ll probably limp along okay. If the economy turns down again, she’ll be a mess. … Continue reading

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California, Obama, and Never Ending Deficits

An excellent read from Bloomberg. I find this paragraph both sad and funny. The federal picture is so bleak because the Obama administration is the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of the U.S. I would imagine that he would … Continue reading

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Prediction: California is the Next Bailout

Sure the Obama administration claims that it isn’t going to bailout California. I beg to differ. The cuts required to balance California’s budget are draconian enough to set off unrest among the populace. California’s economy is the 8th biggest in … Continue reading

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California Gets a (Short) Respite

This article is a good summary of all that has gone wrong in my native state. It’s rapidly turning into a third world country with all the attendant crime, trash, lousy infrastructure and entrenched politicians. Some bullet points: ~Teacher pay … Continue reading

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George Will Skewers The Politicians

George Will at his best. The stimulus legislation is a strange response to the president’s inaugural call for “a new era of responsibility.” State and local governments, which in the five flush years 2003–07 irresponsibly increased spending five times faster … Continue reading

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