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More Evidence Emerges in the Latest Catholic Church Scandal

This time from Mexico. Sad.

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The Best of Times/The Worst of Times…No, Just the Worst

A fascinating article on the state of the broader church (Catholic, Episcopalian, Protestant). Any time you have Richard Dawkins saying something positive about the church, you know you are reading an interesting piece. Dawkins: There are no Christians, as far … Continue reading

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Celibate Priests: An Argument in Support

This is an interesting argument, of course the guy does not bother to mention that priests do not have a choice in the matter. I’m fine with his argument as long as one has a choice to remain celibate. Requiring … Continue reading

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Back to the Future (for Catholics)

Indulgences?!? I thought the Catholic church was done with these things. Not so, apparently. I’d like to read the theology of an indulgence. Fortunately, you can’t do anything like buy them. Nope, it has to come in the form of … Continue reading

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Richard John Neuhaus on the Pope’s Visit

I’ve actually been impressed with the new Pope (whatever his assumed name is). Here Richard John Neuhaus expounds a little about the man and it sounds very good. I saw an interview where some guy from the Vatican explained exactly … Continue reading

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