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Uh Oh…

Isn’t this what Mr. Chavez from Venezuela does?

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The Crisis in Honduras

I do not pretend to fully understand the crisis in Honduras, one interesting perspective can be read here. I am concerned that the United States seems spring-loaded to the message “no overturning a democratically elected politician,” without much analysis of … Continue reading

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Venezuela Heading Down the Path of Zimbabwe

This is totally unsurprising because one can ignore the laws of economics all one wants to, but one cannot escape them. Apparently the Venezuelan central bank is turning to “alternative means” to finance its disaster of an economy. Meanwhile, rather … Continue reading

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The Next Zimbabwe

Venezuela, under Hugo Chavez, is headed down the road to being the next Zimbabwe. Chavez does not understand that you cannot dictate economics, it doesn’t work and never has. All his attempts to prop up his economy are failing and … Continue reading

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