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The Best of Times/The Worst of Times…No, Just the Worst

A fascinating article on the state of the broader church (Catholic, Episcopalian, Protestant). Any time you have Richard Dawkins saying something positive about the church, you know you are reading an interesting piece. Dawkins: There are no Christians, as far … Continue reading

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The End of Christian America

I don’t really like the way Newsweek titles this story, but it is a must read for anyone who studies culture and Christianity. I think Al Mohler is right. We are living in a society which has all but abandoned … Continue reading

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A Frank Encounter with a Lapsed Evangelical

This is a must read. I believe that the single greatest reason that people are atheists is because they do not want to be subject to God and his laws, especially regarding sexuality. David decided to end the charade and … Continue reading

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Son of Hamas Leader Comes to Faith…In Christ!

Wow! A fascinating article. This guy is very courageous because his choice will obviously not sit well with his family. He literally is putting his life in jeopardy speaking out on this. From the article: Mr Yousef said that his … Continue reading

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Christians in Hollywood? Who knew?

Just joking of course. This is a list of the 12 most powerful Christians in Hollywood. Interesting.

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Laura Story on God, Vows, and Marriage. Great!

This lady can write music!

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J. I. Packer on God’s Happy Surprises

J. I. Packer has been a hero of mine ever since Glen Peterson and I went through “Knowing God” together when I was a senior in high school. Here he describes the “Happy Surprises” that God brought, unexpectedly into his … Continue reading

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J. I. Packer Suspended from Anglican Church

Way to go James Packer! Way to stand for the gospel and for truth and for the Scriptures even in your advanced age. I love this guy!

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