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30K Per Household

The amount that the Obama administration (and Congress) has borrowed per household since the economic stimulus was signed into law two years ago (and no, I do not excuse the Bush administration which was no more interested in fiscal sanity … Continue reading

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Congress: We Will Have Strong Oversight of Bailout Money

Rats! We forgot to ask what they meant by “strong oversight!” Pretty much means following the money on Google. Hilarious and sad all at the same moment. If it weren’t Congress, I wouldn’t believe it. On February 14, with the … Continue reading

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Federal Government Turns into California

Leave it to Jennifer Rubin to speak the truth (must read). We’ve got two ways (actually three) to pay for the idiotic bill that just passed the inept, cringing, cowardly Congress. We can raise taxes ($8500 per year to cover … Continue reading

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Support Consumption At All Costs

Let me get this straight. The first “bailout” package did not work, so let’s see, what should we congressman do? Um…something has to work. I know. Let’s just have another “bailout” package. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try … Continue reading

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More (Possible) Nitwittery from the Administration and Congress

So…nothing is working thus far in repairing the damage that our overconsumption has caused. What is Congress and the Administration to do? I know, how about Stimulus Package II, since the first one worked so well (not). From the article: … Continue reading

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