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Zombie Banks

Think that the worst is over and the “green shoots” are starting to appear everywhere? Think again.

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The Beginning of Armageddon?

I know, I know, the title is a little “over the top” (but it DID catch your attention didn’t it). Ambrose Evans-Pritchard warns about the crisis that no one is talking about, and (surprise, surprise) it’s in the Balkans and … Continue reading

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Caroline Baum: But The Emperor Has No Clothes

You’ve got to love Caroline Baum. Leave it to her to point out that the solution to an economy that is drunk on credit, is not to provide more credit. Fast forward one year, the crisis is still going strong, … Continue reading

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Ben Stein is a Nitwit!

I’m sorry, but Ben Stein is an idiot when it comes to economics. His solution for problems created by too easy credit? Give out more easy credit!There is only one place it can come from now: the federal government, which … Continue reading

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Can the Government Succeed (In Fixing the Credit Crisis)?

It’s a good question. Most of the commentators I’ve read (even the ones who predicted the credit difficulties) seem to have boundless confidence that the government’s actions will alleviate the credit crisis. I’m not so sure. There is a school … Continue reading

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Villages in Norway and the Credit Crunch

How can four townships in Norway be affected by the credit crunch? Good question, you can find the answer here. The story is filled with all the usual suspects, someone foisting an investment on them that the townships really didn’t … Continue reading

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Why It’s Not Just Banks In Trouble

Forbes tells us that it’s not just banks that are lending money to consumers, businesses are doing it too. In fact, lending has driven much of their profits in recent years. The problem with this is that, when consumers are … Continue reading

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