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U.S. Debt is a "Fiscal Cancer"

Gee, ya think?

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Do Churches Get Foreclosed?

Yes. I have wondered in the past how churches who took on debt—like overstretched homeowners did—would fare in a down economy. The answer is in: not very well. Yet another cautionary tale in taking on debt…

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How the Fed Monetizes Debt

This is an excellent summary of how the Fed is monetizing debt, or in other words, printing money. It works really well…until it doesn’t anymore. Then we’ll be in trouble. The shell game that the Fed is currently playing does … Continue reading

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Out of Airspeed, Out of Ideas

It seems to be that we are rapidly approaching the endgame in our handling of the financial crisis, the endgame being buying our own debt (which simply means printing the money we need). Ben Bernanke, erstwhile head of the Fed, … Continue reading

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How the Fed Bypasses Congress

Interesting short article from Bloomberg explaining exactly how the Fed is doing an end run around democracy. This will not end well.

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AIG Vaporizes More Money

Wow! Even I didn’t have an imagination for the amount of cash that AIG is vaporizing. It has gone back to the government for another 21 billion bringing it’s “loan” (which will never be repayed, I suspect) to a total … Continue reading

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One Snapshot of the Debt Bubble

The NYT has a pretty good snapshot of the impact of the Debt Bubble on one family in Michigan. You can juggle things for awhile, but eventually this will catch up with you. Multiply it by several million times and … Continue reading

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