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Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Here’s a bleak prognosis for America’s future. I like at the end of the article how he says, “eventually a leader will arise who will solve this.” When Germany had these kinds of problems it led to the rise of … Continue reading

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Ho Hum…Deficit Will be 1.84 Trillion

Yep, almost 2 trillion dollars more we’ve spent this year, then we’ve taken in. I’m not too good at mathematics, but is that sustainable? Oh wait, of course it is, we just have to print whatever we need and we … Continue reading

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To Eternity…and Beyond!

Buzz Lightyear? No. The Federal Deficit. Talking about blowing through records, at least the Detroit Lions need a whole season to set the record for futility (0-16). The government only needed 3 months! to blow through the record for “biggest … Continue reading

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