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A Good (and Depressing) Summary of the Economy

Leave it to Evan Ambrose-Pritchard to summarize what few other people will tell you. Do you think that things are getting better in the economy? Think again. * Labor force conraction in December – 661,000 *True unemployment rate – 17.3% … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Nitwittery

According to VP Joe Biden what we need to do to keep from going bankrupt is to spend more money. “Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me … Continue reading

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Justice, Economic Growth, and the Pope

Apparently, no one has ever told the Pope that the absolute best way to help the poor and to lift people out of poverty is economic growth. Capitalism is imperfect at best and infected with greediness, but it is still … Continue reading

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The Fed Can Put Lipstick on this Pig (of an economy), the States cannot.

While the Fed is monetizing as fast and as much as possible, the States are not able to do so. Zero Hedge has an excellent report on the implosion in States finances. The federal government can push fiscal calamity down … Continue reading

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Out of Airspeed, Out of Ideas

It seems to be that we are rapidly approaching the endgame in our handling of the financial crisis, the endgame being buying our own debt (which simply means printing the money we need). Ben Bernanke, erstwhile head of the Fed, … Continue reading

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How Depressing is This?

An animated map of job losses starting in 2007 (this is one depressing map!). Notice that Michigan was already in a recession at the beginning of 2007 and it isn’t getting any better!

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How the Fed Bypasses Congress

Interesting short article from Bloomberg explaining exactly how the Fed is doing an end run around democracy. This will not end well.

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