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My take on the recently concluded elections: Two years of gridlock and bitter accusations from both political parties. This should be fun to watch, if not necessarily politically productive, nor good for the country.

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John Piper Ponders the Election

As usual, when he weighs in, he’s thought deeply through the issues and brings Scripture to bear.

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Got to Love Joe Biden…if Only He Could Count.

Hilarious cut.

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(As I Suspected) McCain is a Nitwit

If you are fighting a battle, do you tell your opponent that you are pulling troops out of part of the line? Apparently, if you are John McCain, you do.

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Did McCain Make a Pro-Family VP Choice?

I am surprised—although I really shouldn’t be—at the frenzy of support for Governor Palin in the evangelical community. So far I’ve only found one voice (Voddie Baucham) who is taking a genuinely biblical look, even Al Mohler who I respect … Continue reading

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Why I Cannot Vote for Obama

I have a problem with Obama, so do evangelical black pastors. I will never vote for someone who favors sucking the brains out of babies in order to abort them – or any method of abortion for that matter. Not … Continue reading

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The Old-Fashioned Way to Get Votes

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has decided to get votes the old-fashioned way. Buy them!

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