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The Fall of the Invisible Empire

This is a pretty good analysis from a Brit concerning the upheaval of our interests in the Middle East. He points out the hypocrisy of, on the one hand encouraging democracy everywhere, and on the other hand supporting corrupt dictators … Continue reading

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Two Fascinating Reads

When Niall Ferguson talks, you had better listen. In this column he points out that empires sometimes evaporate overnight, often due to financial crises. Sound familiar? He also makes this important point, and one that has worried me ever since … Continue reading

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Repeating "Remnants of an Army" in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan, to anyone who knows the least bit about history, has been the death bed of empires since the Greeks. If the United States is not careful, we may join the Greeks, Romans, British and Soviet Empires.

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The Rise and Fall of the Great Power (United States)

If you needed any evidence that Paul Kennedy’s thesis in his book The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers was correct, check out this article on how our military is spread across the globe.

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