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The Eye – Soli Deo Gloria

Wow! Just wow. Cosmos magazine has a fascinating article on the discovery of highly developed eyes in ancient fossils. Evolution posits that the eye evolved over millions of years, so the discovery of highly developed eyes dating back 500 million … Continue reading

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The (Idiotic) Case of the Typing Monkeys

Joe Carter points out the absurdity of the “enough monkeys could type out Shakespeare’s Sonnets” argument over at Evangelical Outpost (Feb 25th). Not that the actual data will convince those who are inclined to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” as … Continue reading

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So-called "Open-minded Science"

A roundup of the top ten news stories relating to intelligent design for 2007 (PDF). Notice especially the one concerning suppression of thought by the powers that be when someone does not toe the line of the scientific “faithful.”

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Toe the Darwinian Line…or Else

Baylor University distinguishes itself by stifling legitimate scientific research in order to prevent any challenges to Darwinian dogma. This is a good article demonstrating the “openness” of science to pursue evidence wherever it leads…unless of course it leads away from … Continue reading

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