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Financial Crisis for Dummies

Even I can understand THIS approach to the financial crisis! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Zero Hedge on Cowboy Capitalism

This is a fascinating letter that the excellent financial blog Zero Hedge, has posted from a guy who works at Deutsche Bank. I found his comments on the firms interaction with AIG the most fascinating: As these losses have grown, … Continue reading

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The End of Prosperity

Arthur Laffer has an excellent commentary in the Wall Street Journal this morning explaining why, in 25 years, the current Congress will be remembered like we remember Herbert Hoover, in other words, not kindly. But the government isn’t finished. House … Continue reading

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A Sobering Comparison (Between Japan and the US)

When Japan lost a decade in the 1990’s due to economic malaise, they were the world’s biggest creditor. Now that our second bubble has burst, we face the same crisis except we are the world’s biggest debtor. As this guy … Continue reading

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