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A Heart-Breaking Story

Such a sad, but ultimately hope-filled story. Be careful with head injuries…

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Need Acting Lessons: Watch Football

Football players are some of the greatest actors in history!

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Scary Good

Maicon shows why he is a great soccer player. Inter-Milan vs. Juventus – 4/16/2010.

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Does USC Have a new Reggie Bush?

This video from spring football indicates that they might. He graduated early, so technically he’s still a high school senior.

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Fired! By the Worst Team in Football (ROTFL Alert!)

What happens when the worst team in the history of pro football fires you? Naturally, you end up in the Super Bowl a few months later (perhaps this explains why the Lions are the worst team in the history of … Continue reading

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Highest Paid Soccer Star in History…is a Christian

Got to love this. Kaka, who is one of the top soccer players in the world, is close to getting the highest salary in history. Read the message on his shirt and you’ll see why I like the guy. He’s … Continue reading

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One of the World’s Best Soccer Players…and Outspoken Christian

Kaka is one of the best soccer players in the world, as well as being an outspoken believer in Jesus! When his team AC Milan, won the European League Soccer Championship last year, he tore off his jersey to reveal … Continue reading

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