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How Germany Postponed Global Warming…for Seven Hours

This article is actually about the irresponsible (and one might argue immoral) use of food to power vehicles (attention ethanol lobby). What struck me is how often policies have unintended consequences, often times negative unintended consequences. The author points out … Continue reading

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Global (Non) Warming, or, Why You Should Know History

An excellent summary of the past 100 years of global warming, then cooling, then warming again, and now apparently cooling again. How about a history lesson or two, main stream media, and global warming theorists.

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A Global Warming Wedgie

I believe that this Physics professor emeritus sums it up pretty well when he says: Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life.’

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See No Scientific Fraud; Hear No Scientific Fraud

So; after exhaustive investigation all of the scientists involved in the Great Global Warming Fraud are exonerated. Hahahahahahahahahaha…… Mr. Jones emailed later that he had “deleted loads of emails” so that anyone who might bring a Freedom of Information Act … Continue reading

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Snow Will Continue Until Al Gore Cries Uncle

Hahahaha. A great quote from Senator Jim Demint.

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Cracks in the Walls of Science

One of the things that the global warming scandal has done is produce cracks in the walls for all of science in regards to how much jealousy and backbiting science is affected with. It’s quite obvious that the leading global … Continue reading

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Global Warming Skeletons Starting to Pile Up

The scientist behind the claims that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 admits that he knew that the claim was bogus and put it in the report for political reasons. I’m so glad that science is not susceptible to politics … Continue reading

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More Proof that "Global Warming Science" Should be in Quotation Marks

Unbelievable article that explains how a “scientific report” from the IPCC stating that Himalyan glaciers would melt by 2035 was based on an article in a popular science magazine which was based on a phone conversation with some guy in … Continue reading

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Global Warming? No. A Mini Ice Age

So much for global warming. It appears that the earth is on the downside of it’s normal trend of getting slightly warmer, then slightly cooler, then warmer again. Look for the scientists of the 2020’s to be hysterical about a … Continue reading

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Obama: The Time for Talk is Over

China and India: Sounds good. We’re out of here. The wheels come off of the Copenhagen talks.

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