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Stephen Hawking: God? We Don’t Need No God.

Stephen Hawking explains why and how the universe came to be without God. Well, actually what he does is state all of the fine tuning required to produce our universe and then strings together conjecture and “coincidence” and call them … Continue reading

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Larry Summers: Foolish, Arrogant Human (Pretty Much Like the Rest of Us)

The New Yorker magazine has a long article on Larry Summers which makes for fascinating reading if you’re interested in politics or economics. What stood out to me is the following quote from Mr. Summers: When he applied to the … Continue reading

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God and Holy War

I’m reading though a Ph.D thesis discussing three views of holy war in regards to the Old Testament. I came across this quote which I find interesting. I think it does begin to illuminate the issue in regards to God … Continue reading

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