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More Nitwittery from the Fed

I’m not sure why I keep posting these criticisms of the Fed because they all seem to read the same way and it’s a bit like pounding my head against concrete. I may think it is necessary, but it’s not … Continue reading

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Devil’s Dictionary – Financial Edition

This is an absolutely brilliant and hilarious article. You have to have been following the financial meltdown to really “get” what he’s talking about. It also helps if you know what the original “The Cynic’s Wordbook” is all about. One … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan – Weasel

Sir Alan is desperately trying to weasel his way out of responsibility for the mess that we are in. Fortunately, facts and data preclude him from doing so.

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History’s Greatest (Worst) Fed Chairman

The broader public is beginning to get a glimpse into the checkered legacy of Alan Greenspan. This is a pretty good article exploring why he is a central figure, perhaps the central figure in the financial disaster we have on … Continue reading

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