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Wouldn’t You Lean "Yes" with a 100 Million Payoff to Your State?

Senator Mary Landrieu is…big surprise there. Harry Reid made sure Louisiana got a $100 million payoff.

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How to Get Union Support for Health Care

Need the UAW behind your health care plan? No problem, just slip in a teensie-weensie $10 billion dollar sweetener for them.

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Pelosi: If You Oppose Us, You are Un-American

I’m glad to see Madam Speaker believes in free expression. She writes an op-ed with one of the guys who was sent packing by vocal opposition to the Health Care disaster…um, I mean plan. These disruptions are occurring because opponents … Continue reading

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Government Involvement in health care you say?

Here’s where we’re going. Have pain? Suck it up!

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(In)Sanity on Health Care

A long, funny, and frightening article on the health care non-debate. The writer is brilliant. Here he comments on whether claiming that socialized health care worked in Scandinavia is a good idea: Specifically, let’s also stop citing the Nordic countries … Continue reading

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