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So Much for the Sugar High

The Case-Shiller index of housing prices has turned down again, contrary to the expectations of Ben “Let’s Try Throwing 2.7 Trillion at Housing” Bernanke. This would be a double-dip in housing prices, which obviously does not bode too well for … Continue reading

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Government Stimulus in (non)Action

What happens when the government artificially stimulates demand in housing? It works…for awhile…then it doesn’t anymore.

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Zillion Dollar Government "Stimulus" for Housing: Over

This should come as no surprise. The attempt by the government to reignite the housing sector by pouring gasoline (zillions of dollars) on the embers, worked…for a short time. Now it appears to be over. One would think that the … Continue reading

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Inflation vs Deflation Argument

An excellent must read article making a good argument for deflation. I especially like this chart, notice the “massive green shoots.”

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Futile Housing Rescue Plan-of-the-Day

Got to love Caroline Baum, she cuts right to the chase.

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Hitler Blows his Real Estate Investment

My friend, Johnny, pointed out this video to me. Just demonstrates the creativity out there…and all the time some people have. Gut-wrenchingly funny.

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Told Ya So!

There was a really pernicious argument going around at the height of the building bubble to the effect that the country was growing so fast we would need more and more housing. I thought it was an idiotic argument at … Continue reading

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