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Fiat Money Inflation Part 4

We pick up where we left off in this excellent little book… One of the opponents of the French plan to print a second batch of paper money backed by land stripped from the Catholic church was M. Maury who … Continue reading

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Fed: Fire Up the Printers, Baby!

QE 2 is coming! That would be Quantitative Easing to you peasants out there (who will bear the brunt of the Fed’s missteps. Eat Cake! Peasants). Having tried QE 1 (and succeeded for a short time), the Fed is going … Continue reading

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Think we can inflate away our debts in America? Think again

It amazes me that anyone is stupid enough to advocate inflation to solve our spending problem in the U. S. This is impossible because entitlement spending is indexed to inflation. The more inflation goes up, the more entitlement spending does … Continue reading

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Inflation vs Deflation Argument

An excellent must read article making a good argument for deflation. I especially like this chart, notice the “massive green shoots.”

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The Fed and the (Pathetic) Investment Banks

An interesting article here. The reason the Fed is leaving the fund rate so low is that they are trying to help the investment banks who greedily chased high returns that turned out to be high risk (now there’s a … Continue reading

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