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The Rise of Iran

The United States is building up (read that “vaporizing more money”) their defenses in the Middle East because Iran is an increasing threat to stability. Let me think now, how did Iran rise as a regional power? Oh, that’s right, … Continue reading

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More Wars…Less Jobs

80,000 jobs were lost in the month of March. Is the Administration laying the groundwork for an attack on Iran? Seeing as how VP Cheney was in Iraq two weeks ago, one wonders if he sat down with Petraeus and … Continue reading

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Gulf of Tonkin II

It appears that politicos are trying to come up with a Gulf of Tonkin incident which has been pretty much debunked by the military itself!?! Not sure what is going on here. (If you don’t know what the Gulf of … Continue reading

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Losing Our Soul Little By Little

Sixty years ago waterboarding was a war crime, today it is an “aggressive” but appropriate interrogation technique. We are not making progress. This article says in part, In 1947, the United States charged a Japanese officer, Yukio Asano, with war … Continue reading

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Preparing for War with Iran?

Here is a fascinating little commentary about the so-called snafu in which the Air Force flew 6 nuclear armed cruise missiles across the country. Is there something more to the story that the government isn’t explaining?

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Plan to Attack Iran?

An interesting piece by Seymour Hirsh on the current thinking in the Administration in terms of what to do with Iran. I find it fascinating that the Administration is just coming around to the recognition that Iran is the big … Continue reading

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Coming Iran War…Update

More evidence that we are preparing to attack Iran.

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